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Amazon Vendor Box

The Ultimate Guide of Amazon Vendor Box

Amazon Vendor Box

Quick Guide:

1. Reasons for losing the Amazon Vendor Buy Box
2. Factors affect Buy Box Eligibility
3. How to avoid losing BuyBox?
4. Determine the trouble in a well-mannered way
5. What to do after losing BuyBox?

Every Amazon seller aims to boost sales by winning the Amazon Buy Box but the process is not that simple as it sounds. Amazon picks the Buy Box winner based on assorted ingredients which are enrolled below.

a) If your commodity is ready to ship without any time lag.

b) You are offering the top-quality prices.

c) You also provide premier benefits.

As the competition is getting tough day by day so it is becoming difficult for Amazon users to win the BuyBox. If you are a vendor and directly selling to Amazon then you need to win the Buy Box.

1. Reasons for losing the Amazon Seller Buy Box

If there exist performance issues or hijackers concerns then you may lose the Vendor BuyBox. Hijackers can easily steal your BuyBox spot if there exist any kind of performance issues. Although, performance issues play a major role in losing the Amazon Buy Box so you need to pay attention to that.

2. Components affect Buy Box Eligibility

Impelling supply chain and stock list management are the two main factors that influence the Amazon Vendor

Buy Box eligibility. If you have your stock list then you can easily win the Amazon vendor Buy Box eligibility. But the question is how to get your hands on Buy Box? Well, you have to perform some basic operations i.e., you have to update your merchandise regularly, you have to respond to customer queries on time and ship your items as per the schedule. If due to any reason, you fail to meet the above requirements then any 3P vender can take over the Buy Box swiftly.

3. How to win back Amazon Buy Box?

To prevent the risk of losing BuyBox, you need to follow below set of actions which we have cited below –

You need to get correct info about CRaP as it is a nonstop road to LBB. Dense shipping cost and low-per unit pricing can risk into LBB. You can determine the peculiar items and take standards by the following signs:-

a) A merchandiser can’t target the commodities via the AMS margin.

b) If you are incapable to locate “Save and Subscribe” option.

c) Amazon can’t market the merchandises itself.

CRaP merchandises usually fall in one of the following buckets –

  • Massive items
  • Commodities which are out of stock
  • Too much merchandise
  • Conflicting gross sales

If your ware is listed under one of these categories then you have a high chance to fall under the CRaP list. You may also experience a decrement in sales as well.

4. Determine the trouble in a well-mannered way

Before finding any solution, you need to first identify the problem and then make a strategy to resolve the issue. Always start with Product, Pricing and then move towards Process.

a) Product

You have to reconsider your packaging. You can easily reduce weight by a befitting packaging.

b) Pricing

You should also calculate the landing cost of the item on Amazon as well as other sales platforms. To prevent other sellers from undercutting your prices, you should enforce Minimum Advertising Policy. To enjoy high profitability, you should focus on the CRaP list.

c) Process

If you are selling good products and have a good product pricing strategy then you need not worry about anything. Every small thing matters in winning the Amazon vendor Buy box. With the help of Amazon automation, you can achieve success, reach more customers and boost the sales flow.

Some other actions through which you can mitigate issues in the process flow-

Manage your product and logistics efficiently

Whenever you run out of stock then it will directly impact your sales as well as ruin your relationship with customers. For managing your stock in the inventory, you need to identify the best process so that you can win the Buy Box. Analyze your inventory and logistics then plan accordingly for discounts and seasonal fluctuations.

Get a grasp on your supply chain

It does not matter on which marketplaces you are selling, Amazon offers various distribution agreements and reseller policies. If you are not interested in distribution agreements then you need to gain control of your supply chain. Earlier, this policy was used to identify the issue and enforce your MRP/MAP policies accordingly. You can also join the Amazon transparency program overthrow counterfeit and create serialization before the ware reaches the customer.

5. What to do after losing BuyBox?

Despite following all of the appropriate measures, if you are unable to win the BuyBox then it will prove a daunting task for you. Once you realize that BuyBox has gone out of your hands, you need to constantly track LBB and listings. Whatever the situation you are facing, you need not lower the pricing of your commodities. Once you win the BuyBox, you can’t negotiate your prices back.

Well-tried strategies to win the BuyBox –

Short term plan

Pay attention to additional seller account

If your product sale is not up to the mark then you need to make some changes in your selling strategies. Such things are also applicable to LBB and CRaP listing sellers as well. If you are using an additional seller account, you can boost your income, keep your brand visible and make your brand recognition in the market.

Restricted time offers

You can improve your sales by offering discounts on products for a limited period. Once everything gets fine, you can again make changes to ware prices. In this way, you can make your price more feasible than your competitions. As a result, you can win the BuyBox and hike your gross revenue drastically.

Medium-term strategy

First of all, you need to identify dark spots in your sales which may exist due to counterfeits or unauthorized sales. Warn those sellers about their violation of your MAP/MRP policy. If the situation persists, follow your distribution policies to take necessary actions. Reconsider the prices of your listings. Without disregarding the laws or arrangements, ensure the new cost of the item is monetarily unsound for the affiliates. To manage counterfeit dealers, initially send a ‘Cease and Desist’ message through the Amazon platform and caution them with the lawful activity. .If this fails, learn more about this particular unauthorized seller. Attempt to follow the item utilizing the sequential id and recognize the production network.

Long Term strategy

You have to rethink procedures, for example, inventory management, structuring your supply chain, and tracking your logistics and following your coordinations can require a significant stretch of time to fall into the spot. When they are refined, you can without much of a stretch success the Amazon merchant Buy box. Look at these things that assist you with distinguishing the most widely recognized strategic issues in your production network

a) Is the manufacturer is ready to meet the unplanned deadlines?
b) Always keeping the shipment process intact.
c) Clear communication is essential to meet the strict deadlines of Amazon.

Wrap up

There does not exist any quick way to beat the Buy Box. You need to concentrate on the most important variables such as becoming an FBA seller, having Prime-eligible products, perfecting your customer service, and understanding the way pricing works are all key to snagging that desirable Buy Box.

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