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hijacking amazon listing

Effectively monitor your inventory with Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts

Have you ever heard of Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts? If not, then now is the right time to learn about these alerts. Moreover, if you are an approved Amazon seller then it turns out to be the more important thing to understand their significance. 

The Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts are actually Amazon listing monitor tools. These tools monitor your different ASINs for 24*7 and alert you quickly in case another seller attempts to sell duplicates of your products. With it, you will be able to take timely actions to maintain your sales figures at constant levels.

Let’s try to understand the importance of Amazon Hijacker for your online business. But, before that, we will learn what Amazon Listing Hijacking is all about in brief.

Why are Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts required?

Suppose, a few years back, you registered yourself as an approved seller of Amazon. Since then, you are selling a variety of unique products and services at competitive prices. You put significant efforts into gaining recognition from Amazon as well as its customers from every corner of the world. You always supply high-quality products at reasonable prices. Always delivered products within scheduled dates. Heavily invested in marketing your offerings. Also, tried to maintain the top position on product search listings.

However, suddenly one day, you will observe some other seller’s offerings on one of your product listings. When you examine it carefully, then you will come to know these offerings resemble your offerings. The features, prices, and functionalities of these products are similar to yours’ to a great extent. You will now start panicking about your sales and your brand positioning. Besides, you will not understand what measures must be taken to retain your customers. Since there is a probability that these customers may get attracted to these offerings and buy them over your products. In such a situation, what will be your next move?

As per reliable insights offered by the E-commerce industry, most of the approved Amazon sellers regularly encounter this kind of issue. Known as the Amazon listing hijacking, it is one of the most talked-about issues concerned with Amazon these days. Now, some key questions will definitely arise in your mind. For instance, what is the main cause of this? Why is this kind of situation arising? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

What is the main cause of hijacking Amazon listing?

The rapid growth in business opportunities and powerful support from Amazon are significantly attracting new sellers towards this platform. As a wide range of products is already being included in Amazon offerings, the offerings of these new sellers resemble the offerings of existing customers most of the time. No need to mention separately that the product appearances, functions, and prices match with each other to a great extent. However, most often, some of the newest sellers purposely create products quite similar to the products already available on Amazon. Then, they sell these products on the same platform at cheaper prices. These products will be the exact copies in terms of look and usage. But,  there will be a significant difference in quality. 

How does listing hijacking amazon might affect your business?

As mentioned before, the prices of these duplicate products will be significantly lesser than the original products. Customers who are interested in your products might find these products more cost-effective. When they buy these products over yours, naturally, it is a considerable loss for your business. Since these products will be low in quality they fail to fulfill the needs of customers. As a result, customer dissatisfaction grows towards the specific category associated with these products. They may tend to spread negative reviews about the entire product category. If your products have been categorized under this category, then this bad publicity might affect your business massively.

How to identify that your Amazon listing has been hijacked?

When you will have a close look at any of your product listings, you will discover that there is another product. Even this product will be listed under your brand yet is offered by another seller. In such a situation, immediately lower the price of your product to maintain your sales. Next, report directly to Amazon about this issue under Anti-counterfeiting Policy. Amazon has been clearly mentioned that it will not facilitate selling counterfeit products on its platform. The duplicate product or offering will be removed from your listing within 24-hours. 

Apart from that, you can use an advanced feature offered by Amazon in support of the sellers. It is commonly known as Hijacker/Buy Box Alerts and is used as an Amazon listing monitor tool. This feature can be easily activated through the Amazon website or mobile app.

Here is the step-by-step guide for the activation of this tool:

Step 1: Create a product listing 

Step 2: Optimize this product listing 

Step 3: Select the option “Business Alert”

Step 4: Choose the preferred “Product ID”

Step 5: Select on the “Hijacker Alert Tool”

Step 6: Then, click on the tab “Set Alert”

This activation will generate Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts whenever another seller tries to sell duplicate products through your listings. These Amazon seller alerts or Amazon product listing alerts are highly beneficial for your online business.

In the market, there are several tools available at reasonable prices for this purpose. Well-known as the Amazon listing monitor tools, these offer many advantages for your business. For instance:

  • Monitors your product listings for 24*7 and alerts you quickly when someone else tries to modify your listing page
  • Assist in preventing the selling of your products’ duplicates and thereby helps in retaining your sales figures as well as your brand name
  • Constantly keep track on your ASINs and also import them automatically into alerts                                                            
  • Protect your inventory from duplicate products and fraudulent takeovers

Make use of these Amazon Product Hijacker Alerts tools and protect your Amazon product listings. With the help of Amazon listing monitor, keep a close watch on your inventories and don’t let another seller mess around with them. Either activate Amazon’s Hijacker/Buy Box Alerts or else take help tools available in the market. Just guard your Amazon product listings against the hijackers and reach new heights in business.

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