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How to Calculate your Buy Box Percentage

How to Calculate your Buy Box Percentage?

As explained earlier, Amazon doesn’t always reward one seller with the Amazon Buy Box all the time. It keeps on rotating the Buy Box between many sellers periodically. Depending on several variables, Amazon determines which seller will be rewarded with Buy Box and for what period.  

If you are one among the hundreds of sellers offering the most common product with little bit variation in functionality and price, then you are likely to face huge competition to win the Buy Box. On the other hand, you will face less competition if you are offering a rare product with unique features at a reasonable and competitive price. With this, your chances of winning a Buy Box and holding it for a longer period will be more. 

In such a situation, a higher Amazon Buy Box Percentage comes to your assistance as an outstanding opportunity. 

What is the Buy Box Percentage?

In simple words, Amazon Buy Box Percentage is a value that informs you how often your product appears in the Buy Box when a customer views the page of a product that has been categorized under the same type to which your product belongs.

For example, if a product page is viewed 1000 times over a period of time and your product shows up in the Buy Box present in that page for 800 times, then your Buy Box Percentage will be 80%. Any high-performing seller may have 75% of the Buy Box, an average performing seller may have 20%, and a low-performing seller may have 5%.  

In the perfect world, if 4 sellers dealing with similar products having similar capabilities exist on this platform, each seller might get a Buy Box Percentage of 25%. It implies that your product has appeared in the Amazon Buy Box for 25% of the total number of views.

To have a look at this Amazon Buy Box Percentage of any of your products, follow the below-mentioned two steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account 

login amazon seller central account

Step 2: ‘Report
amazon buy box percentage Reports section

Step 3: ‘Business Reports’

Business Report buy box Percentage

Step 4: Navigate to Reports -> ASIN-> Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item

What are the variables that affect the Buy Box Percentage?

There are several important variables which significantly affect the Buy Box Percentage. These variables bring down your percentage to the lower levels and lessen your chances of winning Amazon Buy Box to a certain extent.

They are:-

  • Incomplete product information
  • Inappropriate product categorization
  • Higher product pricing
  • Lower inventory levels
  • Delayed order delivery
  • High Order Defect Rate
  • Terrible customer support
  • Negative customer reviews

All these variables might affect your Amazon Buy Box Percentage on a larger scale and impact on your brand/business adversely. 

But, don’t worry. You can easily fix this low Amazon Buy Box Percentage. All you need to do is focus on the above-mentioned variables and analyze the concerned areas of improvements. Then, take the necessary steps to bring improvement and increase your productivity.

How to fix low Amazon Buy Box Percentages?

The lower Amazon Buy Box Percentage can be effectively fixed by improving some of the important aspects associated with your products and selling process. For instance, 

  • Product information:

Provide complete information on your product pages and upload attractive images/videos of the products. Attractive pictures often bring more customers to your product page.

  • Product categorization:   

Check whether your product has been placed in the wrong category. If yes, then move your product to the appropriate category. An inappropriate category selection will decrease the possibility of your product visibility to the prospective buyer who is looking for a particular product offering the same functionalities as that of your product.

  • Product price:

Reduce your product pricing a little bit and offer it at a reasonable price. While fixing the price, don’t forget to take your investments and expenses into consideration.

  • Inventory level: 

Try to maintain your inventory at constant levels by replenishing the stocks of high-in-demand products regularly. Also, avoid frequent stock out scenarios by setting an effective re-ordering threshold.

  • Shipping and delivery:

Identify all the issues associated with your product shipping/delivery and address them more precisely. Or else, subscribe to Amazon FBA for additional monthly charges and transfer all your tasks related to shipping/delivery to it. It will ensure guaranteed and fast delivery within the scheduled time.

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR):

Maintain ODR within 1% by minimizing freight damage during shipping and delivering the products in perfect conditions. Also, try to reduce the total number of order cancellations placed due to late deliveries as well as stockouts.

  • Customer support:

Try to respond to your customer’s queries at the earliest. Provide relevant answers to your product-related questions posted on the product pages. However, you can also take the assistance of Amazon FBA for the efficient handling of issues associated with payment, refund, and product return. 

  • Negative customer reviews:

Incorporate a customer-centric approach while designing the product and try to provide the right solution that they are looking for. Also, immediately contact the customer after receiving the negative review and try to resolve the issue soon.

  • Identify unauthorized sellers: 

Explore Amazon product listings and identify the unauthorized sellers, who are selling similar kinds of products or even your product’s counterfeits. Reach out to Amazon for taking proper actions against them.

All these actions not only fix your low Amazon Buy Box Percentages but also enhances your winning chances. Besides, they bring more efficiency in your business operations and boost overall output. 



Q. What is a good buy box percentage on Amazon?

Ans. Sellers on Amazon should maintain a good percentage of their products to win the Buy Box. This means the more popular your product is, the more likely you are to share your buy box with others. It is the very reason why you should need to use tactics to research items with no or little competition. 

For instance, if 10 sellers are competing for the Buy Box, and win 10% of the Buy Box, this implies 10% in a day their product offerings got displayed in the Buy Box. Any high performer may get 70% of the Buy Box, an average selling may get 20% and low performers may get 10%. All are good Buy Box percentages to win the Buy Box. 


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