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Amazon SEO & Product Rankings in 2020 : A Comprehensive guide for Sellers

The path to get a good rank on Amazon FBA is through Amazon seo optimization.

And our detailed guide to help you, to know to make your product rank on Amazon in 2020.

Easy strategy guide to Amazon product seo optimization:

1. What is Amazon SEO?

If you want to achieve success on Amazon then Amazon SEO is the only solution. As we all know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in which quality and quantity of website traffic are accumulated via boosting visibleness to users of a web search engine. If you are an Amazon FBA marketer then you should know everything about Amazon SEO. If you know all the secrets of the A9 Search Algorithm then you can easily improve your trade good rankings on Amazon. Well, there also exist some key factors through which you can determine commodity rank. In this write-up, we are sharing everything with you so that you can rank your commodities on Amazon SEO in 2020.


2. Key Features Amazon com seo and ranking

1) Sales velocity

A product’s sales velocity is generally equal to the number of opportunities multiplied by the average sales and multiplied by the conversion rate and everything is divided by the sales length cycle. Since Amazon is a search engine for shopping hence the more money your merchandise brings into Amazon seo services, the more likely your wares will rank.

2) Keyword relevancy

At the time of creating Amazon FBA merchandise listing, Amazon will ask a lot of info from you i.e., product’s title, product’s images, bullet points with quick description along-with a longer description and back-end keywords.


3. Which technique used for improving Amazon product seo

  • Product Title


If possible then make your title appealing to the human eye. Ensure that you have inserted all the relevant details in your title but avoid over-stuffing. You can include commodity, brand, quantity, material, and color in the title.

  • Product Keywords

amazon product keywords

It would be a good idea to choose the best commodity keywords. For this, you can choose the top 3 or 4 commodities that are most highly ranked in your category and which have the highest number of reviews. After that, combine them for the most relevant amazon seo keywords. Once you have a perfect list of keywords, you can unquestionably get a high amount of traffic.

  • Bullet points

amazon Bullet points

Any subtitle that the posting maker couldn’t pass on through the product’s pictures or title are set in the bullet points. These subtitle are less for setting up importance and more for helping customers settle on informed purchasing choices.

  • In Stock

amazon in stock product

Make sure your products are always in supply. If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon, you can set automatic reminders through which you will get an idea about your inventory. On the other hand, if you are merchandising on multiple websites, then you can utilize multichannel synchronizing platforms.

  • Reasonable prices

Amazon has a special zoom function on images so that customers can check the articles properly. High-quality images always attract the customers, therefore, improve your amazon seo ranking.

reasonable prices

  • Wall of Text

A wall of text in content writing slang means that you have an ample amount of text which is not broken up by bullet points, images or any other form of spacing. When writing your merchandise description avoid using walls of text. If possible, then write the text with bullets that is more arranged and effortless to categorize.

  • Product Reviews

Amazon Reviews

In order to get high amazon product ranking, you need to pay attention to reviews. If you have a large number of positive reviews then it will make a huge impact on the audience. You can also encourage customers by adding a small note in with the package or sending a follow-up email asking them to kindly write a review.

  • Backend Search Terms

Backend Search Terms

Backend Search terms are one of the most complicated terms which are invisible to customers but get indexed by A9 and therefore can have a great positive influence on your product’s search-ability and find-ability. There are numerous things that you should include in your back-end text. Some of them are –

a) Keywords you were unable to fit into title/description

b) Misspellings of trade good

  • Advertising Campaigns

There are two different types of advertising campaigns i.e., internal and external.

  • Internal – You only have to pay for Pay Per Click.

Amazon PPC sponsored


  • External – Facebook ads and Google Adwords

Facebook ads and Google Adwords

  • Amazon Brand Content

Amazon Brand Content

If you want to enhance branding on merchandise listings then Amazon also helps you in that. With the help of image placement and better graphic designs, you can easily give a highly professional look and feel to the Amazon listing.

  • Use FBA

Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is right for some merchants but not for everyone. FBA is a special service of Amazon whereby Amazon deals with the storage, shipping and handling of wares. To use Amazon FBA, you have to pay charges as per company’s policies.

  • Use a professional seller account

Use AMAZON seller account

If you are a professional seller then you have a higher chance of visibility in search results due to the ‘Buy Box’. Move to the right side of the search result page where you will see ‘Buy Box”. With the help of Amazon’s A9 algorithm, you can determine everything.


Hope, now you have understood how to improve amazon seo. Generally speaking, you need to concentrate on a decent item that individuals need, offer great client assistance just as run an incredible follow-up email campaign. In the event that you might want to get familiar with how to get the achievement on Amazon, simply get in touch with us.


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