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Amazon Review Checker a Helpful Tool to Devise Better Customer Strategy

Devising different product promotion strategies with respect to customer satisfaction levels in Amazon, the role of Amazon review checker is of the optimum usage and importance. Amazon review checker facility offered by many integration tools by developer communities has emerged as a crucial utility for sellers on Amazon selling their products and services.

There are many reasons for a seller to focus upon a customer review and its tracking. A customer review is quite helpful for the seller to access the level of customer satisfaction enjoyed by a customer from his product and services.

In the present era of e-commerce, almost 80% of the customers read reviews or share reviews during the buying process or after purchasing a product.

It is also evident that product review is not necessary always to be in favor of the product sold. Sometimes, it could be negative. It is not possible for a marketing manager to access and go through all the reviews, whether, positive or negative, each and every day. A holistic review checker like Make My Jungle a leading Amazon Review Checker with a dashboard facility eases the problem of the seller on Amazon issues related to the analysis of customer reviews in order to develop an effective product promotion strategy. An Amazon review checker, hence, offers multiple features that present customer feedback in data format under different categories for better analysis and review. Make My Jungle Amazon Review Checker is further powered with star rating features assessment and searching deleted reviews.

How a review checker on Amazon helps to deal with negative feedback and allied issues?

The positive customer feedback in form of the reviews is more of a certificate for seller for a better product. Contrary a negative review has the power to turn away a prospect from the Amazon, who is looking for the same product and services offered by the seller. As a normal practice, a product review having 3 and lesser product ratings is considered negative and further badly impacts the sale of the product. The bad influence of negative reviews remains merely not limited only to dropped selling but also impact listing and ranking of products on Amazon as well.

  • A negative review to a greater extent can be managed by Amazon Review Tracker that helps to manage them. A scrutinized review can be fixed by addressing the customer-specific complaint and asking the customer to revise it. The customer if satisfied can delete his negative review.
  • Make My Jungle amazon review checker helps a seller to assess and accumulate rating below 3 to 1 as the negative one.
  • The Amazon review tracker prompts a seller to take a quick action according to a customer’s preferred policy. With the help of a tracker, a seller can scrutinize a negative review and immediately address a customer’s issues. There are chances failing to oblige a negative review a seller can be banned from Amazon after two weeks.
  • A review tracker further helps a seller to sort out a product more popular on the basis of the review. On the basis of analysis, a seller can optimize a product to grow higher on Amazon rankings according to its algorithm.
  • Make My Jungle tools further retrieve backs the auto-deleted reviews by the Amazon due to an algorithm change occurred on it.
  • It is also an indicator of product performance on Amazon if a product manufacturer is quality specific.
  • An innovative feature of Amazon review checker is its ability to track competitor reviews as well. It aids a seller to assess shortcoming in his product and services. Precisely, you will able to learn what exactly a consumer expects from you.
  • A wise seller even can use Amazon Review as an integral part of his marketing and promotional strategy. The review checker can segregate all the positive reviews at a side and can further modify products based upon them. A review in favor of a product also inspires other customers as well to try the same one.

Working of an Amazon Review Checker

There are many ways working on an Amazon Review Checker like Make My Jungle can be accessed and checked out on the basis of different features offered by it. After integration of review checker with a seller account on Amazon, he instantly starts getting alerts about his product reviews on the marketplace. The review’s information he receives in the form of e-mail alerts. But a seller is required to do is to activate on the critical alert feature of the tool.

The negative feedback reaches a customer in the form of e-mail along with the customer’s name and rating. A seller is only required only to contact a buyer and resolve his problem in return of either deleting a negative review or changing one with a positive one. What a seller is required only to keep a keen eye on the dashboard of the tool for any further modification.

So the importance of Make My Jungle Amazon review checker tool is quite apparent for a seller. It is easy to install and brings a smooth and feasible customer experience along with a promotional edge to a seller.


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