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Make My Jungle

Amazon Product Title Change

Get real-time alerts of Amazon Product Title Changes

Amazon Product Title Alert

There are dozens of tools available in the market through which you can track any changes to Amazon products listing. But how to choose the perfect tool? Well, Make My Jungle is the perfect solution for you through which you can get smart real-time alerts. Generally, Amazon product titles are changed by hijackers to grab the Buy-Box spot so it is necessary to keep an eye on your online business. But no one can stick to the computer screen for 24 hrs as this is completely impossible. This is where Make My Jungle come to your rescue.

What is Make My Jungle?

It is a specialized automated tool for monitoring Amazon listings. It continuously scans your products and let you know if there is a problem. In this way, you can focus your efforts on growing your Amazon seller business, not on watching out for competitors.

Main Benefits –

1) You don’t have to check for changes manually as Make My Jungle monitor Amazon product pages continuously.

2) Sellers can take immediate actions as due to fast notifications of potential problems caused by competitors.

3) Easy management of alerts and customized notifications.

Ultimately, Make My Jungle is designed to help Amazon sellers by monitoring and alerting them to issues hence making it easier to troubleshoot problems whenever they occur.

Easy Track Amazon Product Title Changes

Whether there exist any change in product bullet point, product description or product title, Make My Jungle will send you instant notifications so that you can take immediate actions without affecting the bottom line.

1) This Amazon monitoring software provides you inventory alerts through which you can smartly restock your productivity levels.

2) Make my Jungle is a one-stop solution that keeps you informed if there exist any change in listing quality index.

3) If any hijacker alters product title or description, this Amazon monitoring tool will provide you instant alerts.

4) You can easily find out which of your products are winning BuyBox and who you are losing the BuyBox.

Predicting the changes helps to manage your inventory, spy on your competitor’s sales and exploit new product ideas. Overall, Make My Jungle is all set to transform your Amazon business as you can make the right decisions on the correct time.

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