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Make My Jungle

Amazon Product Image Changes

Track Amazon Product Image Changes via Make My Jungle!

Amazon Product Images Tracking

Make My Jungle is an out of the box solution that will automatically inform you when new changes have been made to your product title, description, bullet points, main image or other images. If the changes to your product images are not desired, you can react faster and use Amazon Monitoring tool to quickly restore your merchandise listings to its original state.

How we helps to Track Product Image Change on Amazon?

Can you monitor your online store 24/7? Absolutely no! But this is possible via Make My Jungle. If any intruder changes your commodity listings, Our Buy box monitoring tool will instantly notify you via text or email notifications. From now, you need not get worried about anything as Make My Jungle will keep you familiar about each alteration.

Why Amazon sellers need Amazon Product Image tracking?

1. Amazon buyers need accurate merchandise images, titles, description, etc. to find out what they are looking for.

2. When hijackers implement image or title changes, you can lose rankings which can lower CTR and conversion rates.

3. Manually monitoring your listings is time-consuming hence it is impracticable to keep tabs on them 24/7.

4. If any commodity image is changed by plagiarizer then it can tarnish your sales outlook as well as brand image.

5. Wrong info can impact your gross sales so it is important to keep an eye on your Amazon stock.

6. Instant notifications from Make My Jungle will give you peace of mind and the ability to quickly regain control of your sales outlet.

If you are thinking about why to use an Amazon monitoring tool when listings are good and there exist accurate representation of products. If you are not using quality images or the product titles are not up to the mark then it may affect your Amazon business.

Presently, maintaining a successful sales outlet is quite difficult as Amazon hijackers, piggy-backers, and defrauder try to harm your online shop. These hijackers like to destruct competing listings by changing ware images, titles. This is where Make My Jungle will prove effective solution for you. Overall, this Amazon monitoring software is fully dedicated to helping you with all the ever-changing nuances of the Amazon world.

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