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Amazon Listing Optimization: Complete Guide For Seller in 2021

Optimization is basically a process through which you make a particular product (be it anything) fully perfect so that it is shown at the top of the list with similar products when it is searched. Now let us know how the Amazon Listing Optimization Service can help you to optimize your product listing and let you grow your business by reaching more customers as much as possible.

But, why only Amazon? Why not any other company or site?? Well here’s the reason

As we all know Amazon is the largest online marketplace as more and more people are accepting it day by day. This lets you get more leads readily by letting you connect each and every corner of the world. Hence, Amazon is the perfect place to optimize your product for listing.

Today, we’ll be sharing some tips by Amazon for improving your business by optimizing your product page so that you can make use of “Amazon Listing Optimization Service”. Through this, you’ll be able to place your product top in the list and thereby get more leads.

Well, here are those top 7 Amazon Product Page Optimization Tips that will take you to the next level in your business by giving you that special Edge in the competition.

  • Target Keywords

These are particular words or sentences used by websites for getting more traffic by using a search engine. Now, even in Amazon keywords are used for ranking your products rightly in the search results. It is mandatory for you to choose particular keywords related to your product for its listing. This helps you to make your products appear in relevant search results.


amazon listing optimization


You may be familiar with making keyword research for optimizing your website while using the Search Engine Optimization process. But for Amazon, Keyword Research operates in a different way. Google’s SEO mainly focuses on optimizing listings so that the users can get the appropriate information that they need whereas Amazon optimizes the listing so that people buy the products.

With the help of research tools, you will be able to identify the right Amazon Specific Keywords for optimizing your listing. The research tool also lets you know the base keywords which you can put into Amazon’s search bar and get suggestions for expanding based on those keywords.

Now, once after figuring out your keywords, you need to add them to your list. You can rank your product only once by using one keyword and hence put the most important keyword as the title.

The 2nd and the 3rd are to be added to your descriptions and the rest of the keywords will go in the backend of your listing. The backend keywords will let your product list for ranking in search results. But make sure not to fill in too many keywords which may bog it down.

Selecting the right keywords lets you optimize your listings and get valuable leads. Target keywords are a great way of getting your products to appear in multiple and relevant search results

  • Optimizing the Listing Titles

As we know the main keyword goes into the title, hence, optimizing the title of your product is a must. Also, the title is the first thing that the buyers will check when your listing is found and hence optimizing it ensures the buyers get the useful information. You should always ensure that you provide them with the right information which will make them click and get on your listing.

For maximum categories, a limit of 200 characters is given and these characters also include spaces. Sometimes few products are allotted with lesser characters than these.


amazon listing optimization


Now, you may be thinking about what type of info your title should have. To ease your work, we’ve given a general format which you can use to write your product titles.

[Brand] [Feature] [Material] [Main Ingredient] [Type Of Product] [Number Of The Model] [Size] [Package Number] [Color] [Flavor]

Though all this information isn’t required, it gives you a brief idea for writing your title.

Your title should start with the name of your Brand. Customers usually prefer the products having their brand name first, especially when it’s a well-known brand. This gives confidence for the customers to buy your product as it is associated with a particular brand.

Also, you will have to add top priority keywords into the titles. The audience will determine whether the product matches their needs when they’ll read these keywords.

Along with these, you’ll be needing to integrate information regarding the name of your product, its quantity, and other prime factors. All this data will help your audience to understand your product in a better way and attract your customers for clicking on your listing.

While optimizing your product titles, use the features which describe your product in the best way. Titles including the material of the product, its colour, or whether it’s eco-friendly can have a great impact on your audience for checking out your listings.

  • Using Quality Images

As we all know, images play an important role in describing your products and are those elements through which the audience judge your product through visual perception. Hence, it is very important that the right images are used for your product listings.


Using Quality Images


In Amazon listings, all the images uploaded should be a minimum of 1000×1000 pixels. You can also upload higher resolution images so that the audience gets a better view of the product when they zoom in.

Here are some specific requirements that you need to have for your main images:

  • Professional Image: A professional photo should be used as the main image that showcases your product.
  • The product should be mainly focused on: The majority of the frame should be filled by the product along with a white background.
  • Marking free: The image should be free from all the additional texts, watermarks, or anything that is not related to the product. The main image has to only display the product to your customers.

Apart from this main image, you’ll be needing to put 8 more images regarding your product. You can use these 8 images as the best opportunity for showing your product from all angles for your audience. This acts as a great way for giving different points of view to the audience regarding your product.

You are also allowed to add images, showing your product in use or also shows the scale of the product. Such images will let your audience understand your products in a much better way.

Selecting the right product images helps in better optimization for listing your product. With this, you can help your customers to get interested in your products and help them to decide on converting.

  • Optimizing the product features section

This can be considered as an important Amazon Listing Optimization Service which helps you in optimizing your product page. When the amazon listing appears you’ll get to see a bulleted list on the product page which appears in the top section of the page. This section is known as your Product features section. This section helps in showcasing the primary aspects of your product.



Optimizing the product features section


Now, you may be thinking about what type of information will matter to your customers/audience. Well, here are few things to consider,

  • Information regarding what your product does.
  • Working procedure.
  • Extra features that it offers.
  • Its warranty and guarantee period.

This section is yet another part where you can add keywords that will help your product appear inappropriate searches based on important keywords.

  • Optimization of Product Descriptions

When the customers are legitly interested in your product, they’ll straight away check the product description section for learning more about it. This makes the description a very important aspect of selling your product. Hence, take an ample amount of time for filling the product description, providing those additional and important details regarding your product.

The product description is that part of your product page where you can connect with your audience and tell them why they should be buying your product. Highlight the value of your product and show them how it can be the solution to their problems. You need to bring that feeling in your audience which will make them buy your product.


amazon product listing optimization


Remember, when you’ll write the description, make sure to keep it simple and connect to the audience as a solution for their problems. Now, using the Amazon Listing Optimization, you can use target keywords which will help you in ranking your page for other appropriate keywords. A good and relatable description will give you that final touch and help in converting those leads.

  • Setting the Right Price

In the earning conversions of your business, Pricing plays a very important role. Product Listing Amazon optimization uses your product’s pricing for predicting the performance of your product.

When the customers shop on Amazon, they’ll always prefer the best deal. If the product’s pricing is higher compared to other products, then the customers will prefer to choose the products that are cheaper. This is more likely to happen when the other products have the same star ratings. So, make sure you don’t miss out on your sales due to the pricing of your products which varies from your competitors.

For example, if the price of your product is listed for $80 while that of your competitors is listed for $50, then the Product Listing Amazon Optimization will lower your product ranking as it predicts that the product will not earn as many conversions as much as your competitors having lower price along with same star ratings.

This does not entirely mean you need to alter your product’s price bringing it very low in order to sell it. Try doing some research on your competitors and compare your prices with theirs. Well, if you can afford to adjust around the same price then it’s profitable, or else it’s a loss. Other than this you can also choose different keywords for improving your product listing and make it appear in better results.

Earning Reviews

Getting reviews from the customers to play a very important role in ranking your product listings. Amazon Product Listing Optimization mainly focuses on the reviews as good reviews encourage leads to convert. As Amazon is in the Sales Business, they mainly focus on enhancing the listing of the products which have good reviews for selling them to their customers.

The Amazon Listing Optimization Service lists those products at the top in the search results which are having 4 or 4+ Stars reviews, so having a high rating is ideal for the top listing of your product. High rated products boost conversions as others who’ve bought them are satisfied with the product and its features.

For ensuring you get reviews for your products, ask your audience for reviewing your product when they buy them. This can be done through email marketing campaigns in which you’ll have to send emails to your customers, asking them to share their reviews regarding the product.

Also, there’s a possibility that you may get both Positive and Negative Reviews. Here, you can take these negative reviews as a very good opportunity for improving your product by solving problems related to it. Primary buyers would love to see your will of fixing the problems that other people have with your product. This may encourage a lot of people in changing their reviews in a positive way regarding your products.

Hence by using these 7 tips along with Amazon Listing Optimization Service, you can optimize your product page and improve its rankings in search results. This will eventually help you reach more audiences and increase your business revenues.

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