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Amazon Buy Box – Why we need and how to get it?

Amazon Buy Box is a special type of box that usually appears on the top right-hand side of the Amazon product page and also includes the all-important call to action “Add to cart”. As there are numerous sellers on Amazon marketplace who trade identical wares hence they must compete to win Buy Box so that they can grab a certain commodity. Once you win the Buy Box, customers can immediately add products to the cart through a special button. Not all vendors are eligible for Buy Box, actually, you have to accomplish certain parameters including order defect rate, client purchasing experience, time and experience on the Amazon marketplace. Winning the Buy Box is highly important for Amazon PPC campaigns as well as other promotions. Losing BuyBox means losing a feasible merchandising channel.


Follow these strategies to win the Amazon BuyBox –

  • Rundown your item at a value practically identical to your rivals’ costs. Watch out for different contenders who are selling your items. Try to keep yourself in their ballpark.
  • Limit your delivery time as much as you can. This can establish dependable connection on clients. The quicker you can get your items to clients, the better the impression you will make.
  • Attempt to give your clients the most ideal experience. It doesn’t make a difference how you have improved your meta-labels and pictures names, what is important is content and that ought to be helpful for readers.
  • You must have a professional Amazon seller account as it is a basic pre-requisite for Buy-box eligibility. If your content is not indexed then you can’t appear in the organic search results.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon is one of the best methods that most of the Amazon merchants utilize. Amazon usually gives Buy Box preferences to FBA traders.

Why Private sellers win Buy Box automatically?

Private Label Sellers are the sole sellers of their products on Amazon and they usually build their brand including unique products, logos, and packaging. These vendors have full charge of managing their commodity pages, product listings for keywords and content to improve ranking and conversion. As no other seller offer their trade good so they automatically win the Buy Box. On the other hand, resellers have to compete to win the BuyBox. This is because all Amazon products with the same ASIN are displayed through the same commodity listing. But only one seller can make the sale. And most of the time its the one in the Buy Box. The volume of sales is therefore inextricably linked to winning the Buy Box. Amazon BuyBox matters a lot for all types of sellers. Generally, there are two types of sellers i.e., Amazon itself and third-party sellers (also known as resellers). Every seller wants their commodities to be the one that gets selected when a user clicks “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” Over 80% of Amazon purchases made on desktops are done via the buy box. Customers often loves to purchase through their mobile device hence mobile Amazon purchases are done through the buy box even more frequently.

By proceeding to ameliorate your performance metrics and build up your experience as an Amazon merchant, you not just expand your odds of winning the Buy Box later on, however you additionally remain to trade more on Amazon and lift your income meanwhile. To get the most out of Amazon, you need to optimize for the BuyBox.

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