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Amazon Review Checker

Make My Jungle is a cost-effective solution for tracking and managing product reviews.

Best Review Checker Tool For Amazon

Good reviews always matter for business and that’s why it is essential of real amazon review checker With Make My Jungle, you can get alerts directly to your inbox whenever anyone post new reviews, comments, or star rating get changed. For operating a successful eCommerce business, it is essential to have good reviews and keep the negative ones in check.

Keep on eye whenever anyone posts negative reviews about your products and gets ready to take immediate actions.

Some buyers may still leave negative reviews on your listings even if you follow every guideline and that may appear on top position.

Make My Jungle’s review monitoring software define a negative review if its ratings lie between 1-3.

With Make My Jungle, you can track which reviews are automatically deleted by Amazon.

Stay Alert About Negative Reviews & Rating Changes Straight away

Ratings and reviews give us the idea of the product’s quality and the company’s reputation. Because of this reason, it is essential to have good reviews on the top position and keep the negative ones in check. You can’t yourself monitor star rating changes and the status of reviews as the entire process is extremely complicated. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Make My Jungle from today through which you can keep yourself updated about everything that is happening on your online store. Get instant alerts whenever anyone post negative reviews and take immediate action before losing BuyBox.


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Keep A Pulse On Negative Reviews 24/7 & Monitor Everything

You can’t glue yourself to the computer screen for round the clock but with Make My Jungle, you can stay updated about all the latest happenings that are going on with your Amazon business. Now, you can capture more sales and Buy Boxes without any constant attention as Make My Jungle will do all tasks for you. Never let anything affect your sales as now you can manage the entire business with ease.

Track Negative Reviews On Time And Avoid The Risk Of Sales Loss

Negative reviews can severely impact your sales so it would be a good idea to respond them quickly otherwise they may degrade your brand’s reputation. Well, negative reviews are also part of the business but make sure you know how to handle them professionally so that its adverse effects don’t bother you or your business. Leaving comments on negative reviews and keep them in check will help in building customer trust. For increasing Amazon sales, you have to deliver customers exactly what they want otherwise they may post negative reviews and it may prove extremely disastrous.

Monitor Your Products’ Star Ratings 24/7 Conveniently

Star ratings show you how your customers feel about your products and company. Negative reviews are not too bad as they reveal the unfavorable things about your business that you should know. If you are an Amazon seller then definitely you have noticed that sometimes your product star rating change even there does not exist any negative review. This usually happens when Amazon automatically delete reviews. Mainly, Amazon’s algorithm decides which reviews to remove and nobody can even predict this. Make My Jungle’s Amazon Ratings Checker can help you keep track of positive and star ratings. Of course, star ratings may fluctuate once you start receiving more reviews. Make My Jungle keep track of every small change thus allow you to quickly take immediate actions.

Discover Deleted Reviews with Make My Jungle

With Make My Jungle, you will receive instant Amazon alerts and email notifications whenever any review or rating change occurs. Well, you can’t manually monitor start rating changes and the status of reviews as it is an extremely time-consuming task. But why to worry when Make My Jungle is there to help you out. Sometimes, Amazon removes reviews automatically and Make My Jungle help you to track them.

Protect your Brand Reputation with Make My Jungle!

Is your business affecting by negative reviews? From now, you need not take stress about anything as Make My Jungle will help you in improving your listing ranking, Buy Box percentage, seller account metrics and many more. Get immediate alerts whenever hijackers start selling on your product listings or change product reviews/ratings. In fact, reviews are hard to get on Amazon and the biggest fear is negative feedback as it directly affects sales and BuyBox. By leaving comments on negative reviews and keep them in check will help you in building customer trust.

Client's Word

I just want to thank you guys for making such an amazing solution i.e., Make My Jungle. Negative reviews, product titles, description changes, everything arrived to my inbox. It is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers!


Erin Smith