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Amazon Product
Tracking Software

Never let anything affect your Amazon Business as now Make My Jungle will provide you smart real-time alerts.

Track Amazon products with accuracy

Get real-time notifications and stay updated of all changes including product bullet point or product description as such things could affect your bottom line. With the help of Make My Jungle, you can monitor Amazon sales, profits, inventory and manage your Amazon business with ease. Our Amazon Product Tracking Software works for 24 hrs and provide you instant notifications for even the slight test change.

Make My Jungle’s inventory alerts notify youto reorder your products so that you can smartly restock yourproductivity levels.

It is essential to improve Listing Quality Score and Make My Jungle keep you informed if there exist any change in Listing Quality Index.

Monitor your product listings and grab instant alerts if any hijacker is altering your listings.

Know which of your products are winning BuyBox and also find out who you are losing the BuyBox.

Monitor your Business Metrics 24*7 & Stay Proactive

Make My Jungle notify you each time if anyone posts negative feedback about your products or there exist any change in product title/description. From now, you need not check new reviews manuallyas this monitoring tool keep you informed about everything. You can easily track imperfection and changes in Amazon listing quality,monitor hijacker round the clock to defend your online repute, keep informed of your competitor’s pricing strategy, and track your feedback to take immediate efforts.

Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts

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Amazon Product
Price Monitor

Make My jungle will provide you an instant notification if Amazon product price changes, amazon product tracking. Negative reviews may prove hazardous for your Amazon business but now you need not check each and every review manually. In fact, negative feedback is the biggest fear for Amazon sellers as it directly affects sales and BuyBox. You need not glue yourself to the computer screen as now you can track easily while your competitor product, item product listing have been changed.

Monitor Amazon
Product Title Changes

Are you worried about hijackers if they steal your sales? Let Make My Jungle alert you to product title/image or category changes. Whether you are a big brand or private labeler, you can conveniently monitor your business with Make My Jungle. When you constantly monitor your listings for hijackers, you can build the trust of your brand among the audience. You can protect your brand from fraudsters and get instant notifications whenever any hijacker attack your product listings.

Keep A Record Of Product Description Changes in Amazon Listing Quality

Asmall change in the product description may silently lower down yourbest selling listings but why to worry when Make My Jungle keep youinformed about everything. Quality listing is extremely important asit decides if your product is qualified for BuyBox or not. Whether there exist small variation or the bigger one in the Listing Quality Index, or a listing is changed by hijackers, now you can track the critical part of listings via Make My Jungle’s in-house listings analysis score. You can also track the modifications in your competitors’ listings.

Monitor Amazon Product Category Changes Conveniently

Make My Jungle Listing Quality alerts provide you instant update when ever there exist any small variation in the product title, product image,product category, product description or something else. Amazon quality listing is important for all Amazon sellers as it decides whether your products qualified for BuyBox or not. If any hijacker is on your listings and trying to take over BuyBox spot, the Amazon monitoring tool will notify you so you can take action able measures.

Stay Updated of your Competitor's Pricing Strategy

Are you having fear of losing sales? When hijackers implement image,category or title changes, you can lose rankings and experience downfall in conversion rates. Make My Jungle keep Amazon sellers informed about competitor’s pricing strategy. In this way, you can make the necessary changes to attract the audience towards your products and get a high return on investment. To win the BuyBox,competitor pricing plays an important role. If your listing is hijacked then it comes critical to constantly monitor the strategies of your competitors.

BuyBox Alerts, Inventory Alerts and many more…

With Make My Jungle, you can find the reason behind why you are losing BuyBox. Track your competitor's pricing strategies and monitor those sellers who are grabbing your BuyBox spot. You can also identify those products which are losing the BuyBox spot due to inventory levels. Hijackers like to vandalize competitory listings by altering product titles, images, and category nodes and that’s where Make My Jungle comes into play. Make My Jungle’s Amazon inventory alerts notify you to reorder your articles/commodities at an accurate time so that you can escape from stock out trouble.Now, you need not worry about sales lost due to stock offs.


a) Why it is necessary to set up product alerts on Amazon to monitor listings?
It is very important to setup Amazon alerts as it acts as a security system. Hundreds of sellers sell their products on Amazon hence the competition on this marketplace is quite tough. You can lose the Buy Box within a fraction of second if someone sells under your ASIN. If you didn’t pay attention to the BuyBox spot then you may lose the thousands of dollars within seconds.

b) Is it good to add more functionalities Make My Jungle product alerts?
Make My Jungle is the best Amazon monitoring tool that provides you the most critical alerts for your Amazon business. If still, you are looking for some more additional features, you can contact us anytime as we are always available to help you out.

c) I have no competition? Is it still necessary to set up alerts?
Absolutely yes, if you are the only seller then it is extremely important for you to get alerts about everything. For instance, you can use product alerts to track hijackers and to prevent stealing your listings from the earliest stage. When you launch new products then you must keep alerts and get notified as soon as other sellers start selling the same products as you to quickly adjust your business strategies.

d) How quickly are violations detected e.g., hijackers on my listings?
Whenever any malicious activity is detected on your account, Make My Jungle will instant notify you so that you can take the right action before it gets too late.

e) What Amazon Marketplaces are supported by Make My Jungle?
Make My Jungle currently supports various marketplaces but if you are looking for some other marketplaces, please let us know.

f) Is my data secure? How safe is my account?
Security is one of the most important things but Make My Jungle is fully safe and secure. If you need a detailed explanation about the security of our Amazon monitoring tool, please let us know.

Client's Word

Make My Jungle is a must for Amazon Seller. Now I am able to relax at home as Make My Jungle is keeping an eye on my Amazon business. Thank you guys for creating an astonishing solution for Amazon sellers! Make My Jungle is a godsend!


Erin Smith